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It all started in Summer 2018 with the creation of project “Spark”...

Holonautic was founded by 2 graduates from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), both passionate about the latest immersive technologies. After experiencing state-of-the-art virtual reality for the first time, it became difficult to focus on anything other than the possibilities this new medium provided. Since childhood we have been passionate about video games, and discovered a unique opportunity to fulfill our lifelong dream of combining our creativity with cutting edge technology, to bring something beautiful into the world.

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) presents many challenges yet to be solved. We are convinced that the best XR (cross-reality) experiences can only be crafted by perfectly combining hard sciences (cognitive neuroscience, biomechanics, computer sciences and engineering) with an imaginative and powerful artstyle to submerge the mind completely into an imaginary world.
We want to extend human perception and break physical barriers by creating interactive and immersive experiences, where the only limit is the mind itself.
The name Holonautic comes from the combination of the prefix holo- derived from ancient Greek ὅλος (hólos) meaning “whole” and the suffix -naut derived from ναύτης (naútēs) meaning “sailor”.
Like aquanauts, aeronauts and astronauts before them... Holonauts are pioneers of a new unexplored universe...

the holonauts

The Holonauts are a team of passionate engineers, developers and digital artists trying to explore the limits of the new era of Virtual and Augmented reality. We want to break physical and mental barriers by assembling a team of only the most talented, skilled and passionate minds for our journey.
Founder & CEO
I am always looking for the next challenge. I love technology, specifically the creativeness, fast iteration and incredible business opportunities it provides. The most important aspect for my professional life is that I really love what I am working on, as we spend more time at work than with our families.
- Specializations
Development, Networking, Game Design
Founder & COO
I was always fascinated by human machine interfaces. Virtual Reality opened a whole new universe along with many great opportunities and challenges. I want to build great experiences combining the most advanced engineering techniques with this new infinite room for creativity.
- Specializations
Development, Game Design Neuroengineering, Design/UX,
Digital Marketing, Webdev/Webdesign, Graphics/VFX
Sound Engineer
I am a former filmmaker and  passionate video gamer from the late 80s. I am also into cosplaying doing characters like Jack Sparrow, Joker, Michael Jackson, Edward Scissorhand… VR is going to change our lives in ways we can’t imagine right now, but it’s awesome to be a part of that journey.
- Specializations
...Music, Sound Effects, Storytelling, Atmosphere, Trailers
I am a developer who likes and does art. Half computer nerd, half gym rat. Former American football player and future BJJ black belt (if I ever start practicing)
- Specializations
Development, Animation
Digital Artist
Hi! I'm a digital artist specialized in video games, I love to create universes and emotions and I think VR is the very best way!
- Specializations
Concept art, 3D modeling and texturing, Artworks, Animations
Hi, I'm Mate, a developer and a proud holonaut. I'm an enthusiastic gamer, board games and RPG fan. I also love playing the guitar and listening to music.
- Specializations
Development, AI
Digital Artist
I like to create games and I am a passionate video gamer looking for challenges and to work in the field of 3D modeling and art.
- Specializations
3D modeling, texturing, sculpting
Job opportunities
You are a talented developer or a digital artist? You are passionate about virtual reality? You think you have the potential to become a holonaut? 
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