our mission
crafting next-generation
virtual reality experiences

We are the Holonauts.

We want to extend human perception and break physical barriers by creating interactive and immersive experiences, where the only limit is the mind itself.

We build VR/AR business solutions.

We believe the future of training and productivity will be spatial.
Designing spatial applications is challenging and we can help you!
From validation, design, build to release...

We craft VR games.

Pushing the boundaries of immersion and entertainment using VR is something we are passionate about.
We build games for both PC and standalone VR headsets.


Experience VR like never before...

Get full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your virtual environment.


A new crazy fun way to play in VR

Explore a cartoonish Universe where everything is fully physics-based and where you have a lot of control and freedom to move and fight!


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