vr unity developer

VR development is still in its infancy. The right way to develop locomotion, UI/UX as well as well crafted game mechanics haven’t been fully established yet. The amount of innovation and creativity required in the VR space is unparalleled and we look for the best to help us bring enticing experiences into virtual reality. Holonautic, a new Company founded in 2018 which will develop incredible VR experiences suitable for the masses. Our development teams will always be small groups of highly skilled passionate individuals which strive to have ownership of their creations, can work independently and collaborate heavily from coder to artist and sound engineer. A highly polyvalent skillset and the courage to go out of your comfort zone is highly appreciated at Holonautic.

Have you been a very talented tinkerer with unity or blender for the past few years and always wanted to work in the game industry, but never had the chance? Or are you a veteran which has multiple years of experience and looks to work in smaller teams and help shape the future of VR?

We welcome everyone which has a strong passion for VR and the required skill set to bring our experiences to the public.

We are looking for a strong Unity Developer who can join our team and deliver amazing experiences in the emerging world of immersive and interactive media. This is the opportunity to get in on the first day at a dynamic company currently being incubated in Lausanne, Switzerland.




Come join us!